Saturday, May 30, 2009

Courageous Films Studio

I have just made a new studio! I am becoming more and more interested in making movies so my friends and I made a studio called Courageous Films Studio. The purpose of this studio is to make movies to glorify God. Our country needs godly film makers so that in the next generation, there will be a lot of Christian movies, unlike Hollywood. Right now we are working on a movie called "Under Scotland's Flag". If you have any questions or insights, just e-mail me at!

Sad News!

On December 31st, My dad went to a meeting with 2 of the elders of the Church in Anderson, IN. He needed to gas the car up so he pulled into Pilot. He gassed up and then when He was just about to get on the highway, the car died. He tried and tried and tried but the car would not start up. Suddenly, he saw a flame in the hood. He went into the gas station to ask if He could use a fire extinguisher. Then He heard someone say "Someone's car is on fire!" It was the van! My dad then called Mr. Daming. Mr. Daming came and saw my dad in the gas station looking across the street to where our car was engulfed with flames. My Dad and Mr. Daming called 911. When they got there it was too late, the car was burnt to a crisp. Our family van is now gone. Please pray for us as we search for a new car!


Every Year, the day after Christmas, Our family makes the trip up to Indiana. So our family made the trip to Indiana this year on Saturday. When we got there, we unpacked everything. Then, we loaded wood into Mr. Damings trailer and brought it into the garage. Then, my 2 friends, Anthony and Nathaniel showed me a place where mice nearby like to hide. We got down there and Anthony flipped open the boat. We saw 3 mice! One jumped out of the boat (which was their hiding place). Nathaniel and I chased it to the end of the boat where Anthony was and he squashed both of their brains out with a HUGE stick! We were all so happy that Anthony killed the 2 mice. We call ourselves, The Rat Patrol because last year we shot 4 mice. And the year before last we shot a Rat. It was half a foot long!

Saturday, May 23, 2009


This is a video of the introduction of the movie Gettysburg. It is a very good movie and if you haven't seen it I would recommend it to you. Enjoy (it's really funny!)