Sunday, December 19, 2010

The All New Mac App Store

Ladies and gentlemen...the Mac App Store is almost here! It is going to be released on January 6, 2011, so says Apple.

Apple also claims that the Mac App Store is going to be just like your "App Store" for the iPad, iPod, or iPhone, except this App Store is for your Mac. "Great Apps on your Mac, Right on your Mac". When you download an app, the app automatically popsright in your dock with a progress bar on where it is in the download process. It also automatically checks for updates on each app that you get from the store. "Update one app at a time or all of them at once, and you’ll always have the latest versions", claims Apple.

The Bottom Line

Is the Mac App Store really worth-it? I think so. It does seem like Apple is going more towards iOS with all of their products. Do you think it's worth-it? Comment below!

I'll have a review of the Mac App Store when it comes out.

To read more, check out Apple's page here.