Monday, December 10, 2007


We went to Plymouth for a Faith and Freedom tour with Vision Forum. We spent a week (including Thanksgiving Day) in Plymouth. It was very fun. I hope we do it again!

Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Tuesday, October 2, 2007

A Birthday Boy!

Today is my Dad's birthday! We had mens bible study today and we sang happy birthday to him. I hope that we will have a fun time. He is such a blessing from God. He has taught me a lot of things that he knows. I hope he has many more years living on the earth!

Saturday, September 22, 2007

Hope Baptist Church

We go to Hope Baptist Church. It is a family integrated Church. That means that we do not have a huge sanctuary etc. We do not have Sunday school either because we believe that the father is supposed to teach, not Sunday school teachers. We usually gather together and then we sing hymns. After we sing, we have corporate prayer which is where the men of the Church can pray for anything. Then, usually one of the elders preaches. We are going through Romans right now. We have Communion after he is done preaching. We only let baptized believers partake. Also, our tradition is that if you have an unrepentant heart you should not partake because God says that if you do, you eat judgment upon yourself. And I don’t think that any of us want to do that! Then, we sing a closing hymn. Then comes my favorite part, the food! We have a fellowship meal. And then we fellowship. That is what we do at Hope Baptist Church.

Air France

Here is a picture of my atempt to make Air France, the plane that took us on our 8 hour trip from Paris to Washington D.C. ( I will give you more information on it later) out of Play - Doh

Romania - Day 9

Today we are going to a Church in Bacove. We have to drive about 6 – 7 hours. It will probably be very tiring. When we get to Bacove, we are only going to do one sermon because it is going to be a church service. Mr. Horn will do an introduction and then my Dad will deliver the message about Psalm 127. We are currently in the car driving to Bacove. I hope that we get out and stop soon! We will be back in about 2 days... if the Lord wills…

Romania - Day 8

Today we woke up ate had breakfast with the family (by the way, I do not know their last name but I do know their first names), Mr. Stefan and Mrs. Galina. We had to wake up at 7:00 to go to the church so that we could meet up and then head for a town called Medias. We did not travel very long. We ate lunch at a mission house. No body lived in it. It was for missionaries. Then we had a meeting about what we should edit out of our sermons because we only had 1 hour. Mr. Marius asked me to recite Pater Noster in Latin and Genesis 1:1 in Hebrew. He asked Joshua and Stephen Horn to both recite 1st Timothy: 1-4 in Greek. Then church that we were going to was in walking distance so we walked to the church. Oh, all of the speakers did the same talks that I told you about on Tuesday because Mr. Brown said that it would be easier if we just did the same messages that we did in the first place. Also, they had foosball table there! Kinda weird isn’t it? Here is a picture of Mr. Brown preaching at the Church. After we were done, again we all had to split up and go to different houses to sleep in. I am currently in the house that we are going to sleep in. It is very BIG. And the people here are so nice. I think I should be going to bed now (it is 11:30 P.M. here!). May God bless each and every one of you!

Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Romania - Day 1

We are on our way to Romania. My Dad and I are currently on a plane from Raleigh to Philadelphia for the first leg of our trip out to Romania. We are on the plane with Papa’s friend Mr. Horn and his 2 sons (my good friends) Joshua and Stephen. We are going to Romania to teach the men the importance of uniting the Church and the Family. We are calling men to return to their biblical roles as fathers. We are going with some other men from the church with their sons. We will be gone about 11 days. I hope to update this blog everyday with pictures and articles on our trip. Papa will be giving some messages on Sufficiency of Scripture and Family Worship.

Here are some thoughts I am currently having:
1. I am very excited but I am not totally sure what to expect
2. I hope to be conformed more in the image of Christ by hearing Godly men giving messages
3. I hope to have a better understanding of the Romanian culture
4. I hope to meet some Romanian friends
5. I am apprehensive about eating in a foreign country. I hope they have Chicken Fingers!

I hope that God will bless the men who hear the messages that we will bring to them. Until next time, If the Lord wills …

Romania - Day 2

We did not get very much sleep when we traveled from Pennsylvania to France. Since we were used to American time, and not Paris time, our body’s felt like we were being served breakfast at 1:00 in the morning! When we landed, Papa and Mr. Horn had to go to a business meeting with Metaware. We did not have a car so we had to take a Taxi. It took us over an hour and a half to finally reach our destination! The riding was very bumpy. Now, we are currently on a plane headed for Budapest. We flew over some mountains while we passed and we took some pictures of them. We had to eat McDonald’s two times! I has been so tiring even though we have only been here for a couple of days. Before I started typing this, when we were sill on the plan, Stephen Horn and I both had our drinks dumped on us because they slid off the tray! We were both asleep but we were woken up by the cold, wet feeling of water all over our jeans! We are going to be sleeping at Emanuel University. Here is a picture of it. So far, God has provided for us. We are praying that He will through the rest of our trip!

Romania - Day 3

Today, we went to Holy Trinity Church in Alesd to give messages to the congregation. I got to video tape everybody. First, Mr. horn got up and talked about Deuteronomy 6. It was very good. Then Mr. Brown talked about Homeschooling your chldren and why it is biblical. After he spoke, we had Question & Answer time which is were the congregation askes questions and the people who talked answer them. Then we had a lunch break. We went to the Akim's house to eat lunch. We had soup and bread and we also had cake and cabbage rolls. They have 8 children. Then we had to go back to Holy Trinity Church. There my Dad spoke on psalm 127 and about fathers leading thier homes to honor God. After that, Max spoke on his courtship and why you should not just go out into the world without your fathers consent, and date people. Even if you father says you can, you shouldn't because the bible does not say "go and date people and see which one you like best and then marry the and you will have a successfull marrige. Then we had Question & Answer time. Mr. Brown did one more talk and then we left. When we got home we talked to our families at home. Then we rested until the morning.

Romania - Day 4

Today was the hardest day that we have ever had while we are here. We had to wake up very early in the morning to go to Church. All 3 familys split up because there were 3 different Churches that wanted us to preach to them. The 3 people that were going to preach were My Dad, Mr. Horn, And Mr. Brown. After that, we all regrouped at the Curch that Mr. Brown and David preached at. Then we split up again to go and eat at different familys house's. After we had lunch we regrouped again then headed out for a three hour trip to 2 Churches to give a Sunday Night Service there. It did not seem like 3 hours though, because my dad and I were talking. When we got there, we were a little bit late. At this Church, Mr. Brown spoke. It felt kind of funny because whenever he said something the translator would have to say what he said. When that sevice was over, we went to a BIG Church. They had a choir who sang for us, and they had children sing for us, and they prayed a lot, and I got to say Psalm 117 in Hebrew (which is only 2 verses). Then Mr. Brown preached again on the same thing that he did at the other Church that we went to, and it was Psalm 127. We had dinner there. It was very good. Then, we had to drag our tired bodys to the car and sit for 3 hours ( which is hard for me to do ). When we got home, we relaxed for a little while. Tomorrow, we can sleep in as late as we want because tomorrow we don't have anything to do because the service starts at 3:00. By the way, we are sleeping at Emmanuel Unniversity. I will try to update this blog tomorrow. If the Lord wills, that is.

Romania - Day 5

Today we slept in pretty late. I woke up at 10:00. It was
great....It was the first night that we have gotten a great night of

While Papa had a meeting with the men and writing down about what
they were going to talk about, Stephen and Joshua Horn and I where up
in our room making paper airplanes. Then david came up and we went
outside and played with the paper airplane. and the wind was PERFECT
so the airplanes flew great, we had so much fun.

Then after that we went and had lunch with the rest of the team, THEY

Then we had to get ready for our trip to Arad. When we all (all 11
of us) were ready, we all crammed in a 9 passenger van. While we were traveling, we memorized Deuteronomy some of Deuteronomy 6 in Romania. When we got
there we boys set up the sound recording and Camcorder. I did the
camcorder with Stephen we went off and on.

Uncle David went first and introduced the men and went over the
verses that they where going to touch in their speeches. Then Mr.
Horn came up and preached for 25 min. on Eph. 5 about how the father
is a prophet priest and King in his home. and the role of a wife in
the home as a keeper there. Papa came up and talked about Psalm 127
and the importance of filling the earth with worshipers of God. Then
Max came up and talked about his courtship and the honoring of his
father and mother through it. Mr. Brown talked about Romans 12 and
not being conformed to this world. Over all it was a great time.

Then after that we went to a radio station and the men did a
broadcast while we boys stayed out and read our G. A. Henty books.
And now we are traveling back to Oradea to Emanuel University, when
we get back we are going to get on Skype and TALK TO MAMA......

Goodbye for NOW.....

Romania - Day 6

Today, in about 30 minutes, we have to travel for about 6 hours to Targu Mures to do a conference. Then we will spend the night there. Then, the next day, we will travel to another place to give a conference. And on the last day, we will go to Bucharest to get on an airplane. Right now, David and Mr. Brown are interviewing Paul Negrout (a man in Romania, president of Emmanuel University). We had breakfast at Sebastian's house with his wife, Lois. We will probably stop for lunch...I hope! It will be a tiring trip. Please pray fo us that we would be kind to one another during the long trip. Also, pray for the churches in Romania as they are going trough some very hard difficulties. We are staying at somebody's house tonight. I hope we get some rest! We will be back in 2 days. Thank you so much! See you later...if the Lord wills


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