Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Romania - Day 6

Today, in about 30 minutes, we have to travel for about 6 hours to Targu Mures to do a conference. Then we will spend the night there. Then, the next day, we will travel to another place to give a conference. And on the last day, we will go to Bucharest to get on an airplane. Right now, David and Mr. Brown are interviewing Paul Negrout (a man in Romania, president of Emmanuel University). We had breakfast at Sebastian's house with his wife, Lois. We will probably stop for lunch...I hope! It will be a tiring trip. Please pray fo us that we would be kind to one another during the long trip. Also, pray for the churches in Romania as they are going trough some very hard difficulties. We are staying at somebody's house tonight. I hope we get some rest! We will be back in 2 days. Thank you so much! See you later...if the Lord wills

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