Saturday, September 22, 2007

Hope Baptist Church

We go to Hope Baptist Church. It is a family integrated Church. That means that we do not have a huge sanctuary etc. We do not have Sunday school either because we believe that the father is supposed to teach, not Sunday school teachers. We usually gather together and then we sing hymns. After we sing, we have corporate prayer which is where the men of the Church can pray for anything. Then, usually one of the elders preaches. We are going through Romans right now. We have Communion after he is done preaching. We only let baptized believers partake. Also, our tradition is that if you have an unrepentant heart you should not partake because God says that if you do, you eat judgment upon yourself. And I don’t think that any of us want to do that! Then, we sing a closing hymn. Then comes my favorite part, the food! We have a fellowship meal. And then we fellowship. That is what we do at Hope Baptist Church.

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