Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Romania - Day 5

Today we slept in pretty late. I woke up at 10:00. It was
great....It was the first night that we have gotten a great night of

While Papa had a meeting with the men and writing down about what
they were going to talk about, Stephen and Joshua Horn and I where up
in our room making paper airplanes. Then david came up and we went
outside and played with the paper airplane. and the wind was PERFECT
so the airplanes flew great, we had so much fun.

Then after that we went and had lunch with the rest of the team, THEY

Then we had to get ready for our trip to Arad. When we all (all 11
of us) were ready, we all crammed in a 9 passenger van. While we were traveling, we memorized Deuteronomy some of Deuteronomy 6 in Romania. When we got
there we boys set up the sound recording and Camcorder. I did the
camcorder with Stephen we went off and on.

Uncle David went first and introduced the men and went over the
verses that they where going to touch in their speeches. Then Mr.
Horn came up and preached for 25 min. on Eph. 5 about how the father
is a prophet priest and King in his home. and the role of a wife in
the home as a keeper there. Papa came up and talked about Psalm 127
and the importance of filling the earth with worshipers of God. Then
Max came up and talked about his courtship and the honoring of his
father and mother through it. Mr. Brown talked about Romans 12 and
not being conformed to this world. Over all it was a great time.

Then after that we went to a radio station and the men did a
broadcast while we boys stayed out and read our G. A. Henty books.
And now we are traveling back to Oradea to Emanuel University, when
we get back we are going to get on Skype and TALK TO MAMA......

Goodbye for NOW.....

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Joshua Horn said...

It sounds like you are having fun