Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Romania - Day 1

We are on our way to Romania. My Dad and I are currently on a plane from Raleigh to Philadelphia for the first leg of our trip out to Romania. We are on the plane with Papa’s friend Mr. Horn and his 2 sons (my good friends) Joshua and Stephen. We are going to Romania to teach the men the importance of uniting the Church and the Family. We are calling men to return to their biblical roles as fathers. We are going with some other men from the church with their sons. We will be gone about 11 days. I hope to update this blog everyday with pictures and articles on our trip. Papa will be giving some messages on Sufficiency of Scripture and Family Worship.

Here are some thoughts I am currently having:
1. I am very excited but I am not totally sure what to expect
2. I hope to be conformed more in the image of Christ by hearing Godly men giving messages
3. I hope to have a better understanding of the Romanian culture
4. I hope to meet some Romanian friends
5. I am apprehensive about eating in a foreign country. I hope they have Chicken Fingers!

I hope that God will bless the men who hear the messages that we will bring to them. Until next time, If the Lord wills …

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