Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Romania - Day 3

Today, we went to Holy Trinity Church in Alesd to give messages to the congregation. I got to video tape everybody. First, Mr. horn got up and talked about Deuteronomy 6. It was very good. Then Mr. Brown talked about Homeschooling your chldren and why it is biblical. After he spoke, we had Question & Answer time which is were the congregation askes questions and the people who talked answer them. Then we had a lunch break. We went to the Akim's house to eat lunch. We had soup and bread and we also had cake and cabbage rolls. They have 8 children. Then we had to go back to Holy Trinity Church. There my Dad spoke on psalm 127 and about fathers leading thier homes to honor God. After that, Max spoke on his courtship and why you should not just go out into the world without your fathers consent, and date people. Even if you father says you can, you shouldn't because the bible does not say "go and date people and see which one you like best and then marry the and you will have a successfull marrige. Then we had Question & Answer time. Mr. Brown did one more talk and then we left. When we got home we talked to our families at home. Then we rested until the morning.

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