Friday, December 19, 2008


I would like to share some thoughts with you on Christmas:

1. Christmas should not be a time to remember Santa Claus, but to remember Christ's birth
2. Christmas is a great time for giving to others because God gave us His son, Jesus Christ

If anyone has any other insights I would like to know what they are!


Joshua Horn said...

Hello Stephen, Those are great thoughts! Many people in America are to focused on Santa, presents, Christmas Trees and not on Jesus saving us from our sins.

Stephen Breagy said...


Anthony Daming said...

Those are some great thoughts! Many people are focused mostly on presents, trees,lights, Santa, And get so wound up in all of it we forget the reel meaning of Christmas! That Jesus was born! To pay for our sins! Keep up the blog!

Stephen Horn said...

Christmas has become a Pagan holiday where you get off work, spend time with your family, and the only thing about Christ is in the name and in nativity seens.

Bradyn Cole said...

That's right. Jesus should be the focus, but now Santa has become the focus.