Monday, October 26, 2009


Today we brought home new puppies! They are really cute! One of them is a yellow lab mix. The other is pure black. We named the yellow lab "Courage". The black one we haven't named yet. Here are some pictures of them!

Puppy Love!

Me and Courage

Shea and Courage



Joshua Horn said...

Neat! Where did you get them?

FullquivOrr said...

Your puppies are so adorable! How fun! I'm sure everyone is enjoying them. Make sure to announce the black lab's name too!

for the Orrs

Stephen Horn said...

I wish we had a dog

Anonymous said...

HOW CUTE!!!! So sweet! Be sure and tell Shea to email me ASAP!!!!

Anthony Daming said...

What is the Black ones name?

Nanci said...

These puppies are adorable! You must be having so much fun with them. Thank you Stephen for posting these photos for us to see. Love, Me Me

Anthony Daming said...
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