Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Atlanta, Day 1

Hurray! I have internet! Anyway, we got to Atlanta after sitting through some TERRIBLE traffic. We did not move an inch for more than 2 hours! Finally, when we got there, we met a few people including Bill Potter! He told us that Dr. Morecraft was waiting at a restaurant to eat with us. We had no idea! So we went over and got to know Dr. Morecraft more. We missed both of the talks but it was a great blessing being able to get to know him more! When we got back to the church, he showed me an actual page written in Spurgeon's hand for one of his sermons! It was great! Then he showed me a plaster of paris mask of Oliver Cromwell which was made not long after he died. You could see his warts, mustache, beard, and everything! I will post more tonight!


Joshua Horn said...

That is really neat! Did you take pictures?

Allen said...

sounds fun!

Nanci said...

Thank you Stephen for keeping us posted on your travels. I love your blogspot.