Saturday, April 3, 2010

Shenandoah Valley Tour MP3 Set

Join Dan and Joshua Horn on a journey through a tour of one of the most exciting valley campaigns in the Civil War: The Shenandoah Valley. Learn about the battles, strategy, important men and the causes of the Civil War. Buy it Here.


This product is an MP3 CD. This will play in many newer CD players, and can be easily put on an MP3 player or iPod. Older CD players do not support this format, but you are allowed to make two CD copies of this on your computer, as long as it is for your household only.

01 - Causes of the Civil War by Dan Horn
02 - Introduction to the Valley Campaign by Joshua Horn
03 - Important Men of the Valley Campaign by Dan Horn
04 - The Life of John Brown by Dan Horn by Joshua Horn
05 - John Brown's Raid on Harper's Ferry by Joshua Horn
06 - Impact of Literature on the Civil War by Dan Horn
07 - The Life of Stonewall Jackson - Part 1 by Dan Horn
08 - The Battle of Kernstown - Part 1 by Joshua Horn
09 - The Battle of Kernstown - Part 2 by Joshua Horn
10 – The Battle of McDowell by Joshua Horn
11 – Life of Jedidiah Hotchkiss by Dan Horn
12 - Slavery by Dan Horn
13 - Economics by Dan Horn
14 – Lucy Buck by Dan Horn
15 – The Battles of Front Royal and Winchester by Joshua Horn
16 – Life of Richard Ewell by Dan Horn
17 – The Battle of Cross Keys by Joshua Horn
18 – The Battle of Port Republic by Joshua Horn
19 – The Life of Stonewall Jackson Part 2 by Dan Horn
20 – The Life of Turner Ashby by Dan Horn
21 – States’s Rights by Dan Horn
22 – The Life of Dabney; The Life of Stonewall Jackson Part 3 by Dan Horn
23 – The Rest of the War by Joshua Horn
24 – The Effects of the Civil War by Dan Horn

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