Tuesday, May 22, 2012

The Titanic 100

On April 11, most of my family went up to Branson, MO to participate in the “Titanic 100”, the 100 year celebration of the sinking of the Titanic. Samuel, Claire, Shea, Grace, and I were able to be in a play on Friday night. 
On Friday night, we also watched the film, “A Night To Remember”, made in 19??, which is based on first-hand accounts of the Titanic. So, overall, it is pretty accurate to the actual event. 
On Saturday night, we boarded a showboat, the Branson Belle, which we were glad did not sink. :D We listened to talks, enjoyed music by Charlie Zahm, and we even had a countdown to the minute the Titanic struck an iceberg, and the minute she actually went down. (They factored in Naval time, daylight savings, and all that other good stuff.)
It was a time to really proclaim the message, “Women and Children First!” Today as a culture, that message is lost. Men no longer hold the door for ladies, they no longer pull chairs out for them. 
We also related the men who died for their wives to how Christ died for his bride, the church. 
You and I will be better in life and death because of the men’s good example. The real message of this great and overwhelming affliction is that it is the latest revelation of the power of the cross. The men who stood on the deck in the presence of disaster exhibited a power of self restraint. Exhibited it so quietly too, that it cannot be explained on any ground of mere evolution. But the son of man who came into a world that was lost. And so, the men of the Titanic sacrificed themselves for the women and children. The women did not ask for the sacrifice, but it was made.” - Rev. Dr. Leighton Parks

Shea as Miss Eva Hart


Mylena said...

Well it looks like you and your family had a BLAST!
The Titanic is one of my favorite movies, and I would have loved to have been there! (Obviously not at the scene of the crash) ;)


Nanci Breagy said...

Thank you for posting all these wonderful photos Stephen! Hope all is well with you! I miss you and love you very much.